A Lucky Fellow!

Good news to temper some slow progress. Turns out that software development isn’t as fast and smooth as this clinician imagined… 

This week we have finally enabled the platform for use on a tablet; so, get out those iPads and Galaxies and get to work! Lymbase has also been enabled for international use – primarily for the purpose of inviting our New Zealand neighbours to engage, but there are no limits. 

Instructional videos for new users are now available on the website.

Garment search is (still…) in development. Thankyou to the VERY patient team at Haddenham who are focussed not only on getting the development out, but on getting the best design and function for their customers.

I have also been awarded a Translational Research Fellowship from Sydney Health Partners to evaluate the rollout of Lymbase into the public sector (Hooray!). This reduces my clinical load to provide dedicated time to focus on the roll out and evaluation of barriers and enablers to uptake. I have an amazing team of researchers from the world of both lymphoedema and translational research to help guide this process. As you might expect the public sector is particularly risk averse, when it comes to patient data (and currently preoccupied with a pandemic), so this is an important step in validating the platform for public sector use.

Onwards and upwards. I will end with some feedback we have received from one of our most engaged and supportive early adopters:

‘As a clinician who treats only patients with lymphatic disorders, I have found Lymbase to be an invaluable tool to record patient history and progress.

It allows me to hold detailed information, subjective and objective measures, all aspects of compression garment details from measuring to ordering in a comprehensive and structured way.

Lymbase is making my treatment plans, treatment notes and progress notes much more orderly and easier to access.

Report writing has become much easier as all relevant information can be exported at any time saving precious time.

I am also very grateful for the excellent IT support team at Lymbase who very quickly answer any questions I might have in a personal manner. This has made my transition to Lymbase from my old clinical system very easy.’

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