Garment search release

Someone wearing socks - Garment Search Released blog post

Huzzah! The Haddenham garment search has gone digital. Instead of flicking through catalogues the garment search will save us valuable time to be present for our patients. I’ve created an explainer video on the website, and I encourage you to watch the walkthrough. Hopefully Haddenham will be the first of many companies to come on … Read more

A Lucky Fellow!

Glasses on notebook - A Lucky Fellow post featured image

Good news to temper some slow progress. Turns out that software development isn’t as fast and smooth as this clinician imagined…  This week we have finally enabled the platform for use on a tablet; so, get out those iPads and Galaxies and get to work! Lymbase has also been enabled for international use – primarily … Read more

Australian release

Lymbase Release

Just a quick update. Lymbase launch went ahead at the Australasian Lymphology Association symposium on the Gold Coast at the end of May. Hooray! What a great event it was too. Hard to believe we managed to cross state borders to get to the sunshine state for the event as one lock down week in … Read more

Supporting clinicians to support their patients

The research informing Lymbase was conducted with, and reviewed by, experienced therapists. As we move closer and closer to Lymbase v1 launch (one week to go!) the role of Lymbase as a clinical decision support system has come into sharp focus. As we get more eyes on the platform it has become clear that there … Read more

The loooong path to development

For those of you who missed it, here is a presentation describing the research pathway followed for the development of Lymbase.  This was presented at the 2020 Australasian Lymphology Association (virtual) conference.

We Passed!

Turns out there is an awful lot to think about for the development of a stable and secure data management platform. It’s been a steep learning curve but Mythili is very comfortable in this world. I just let her get on with it and sought wiki for the terms I don’t know in an attempt … Read more

Haddenham is invested

We are so very excited to announce that Haddenham have agreed to partner with us in the development of the platform and the creation of the compression garment search. Not only are they generously supporting the cost of development and securities, but they are also offering their many years of experience in customer support and … Read more

A new development

We found our hacker!! We are stoked to have found Tarun who is a coding king. He is lead developer of Lymbase. Lymbase is his side gig when he’s not changing the world at Atlassian. Welcome Tarun – we feel very lucky to have caught you in a weak moment ?


Water Surface Blog Post Featured Image

While attending a networking event at a national start-up incubator, Cicada Innovations, I left with more than a cold piece of pizza. That evening one of the speakers suggested an effective start-up team requires a hipster (the ideas ‘man’), a hustler (the business acumen) and a hacker (developer). During question time I tentatively asked a … Read more

A learning health environment

In case you’d like to know more about learning health environments and how Lymbase will grow to become a learning health environment (with your continued engagement) here is an article that summarises the process and purpose. This was published in the November 2020 publication of the Australasian Lymphoedema Association – Lymph Express. Read it here.