Building and growing

With a return to (almost) full time clinical work it has been challenging to not get lost in the weeds of Lymbase. Thankfully, I was selected for an Australia-wide clinical entrepreneur program (AUSCEP) based on a hugely successful UK version. This program sees me meeting with innovators across Australia with monthly Sydney pitstops where we meet as a group, regular webinars, and monthly accountability groups with a much smaller cohort from across Australia. This program offers mentoring from Australia’s best and brightest in digital health, medical devices, and entrepreneurship. I’ve been challenged to question everything(!) and learnt so much from the experience. AUSCEP has helped me to step back from the weeds, take in the whole garden and get expert guidance on how to make Lymbase even more beautiful.

In other news, Essity’s products are all now within the garment search and Thuasne’s Venoflex range will be added within the fortnight. In addition to the search for compression garments, compressive wraps and ‘other’ (i.e., textured garments such as the Comfiwave, Autofit and Mobiderm Intimate shorts), we now have links to custom made forms – Haddenham and Thuasne; and the custom-made ordering portal for Jobst Elvarex. There is also a direct link to the website where measurement charts have been added.

A publication has been released which explaining how consensus was reached on the data set used to inform Lymbase:

Sierla R, Dylke E, Poon S, Shaw T, Kilbreath S. Attaining consensus on a core dataset for upper limb lymphoedema using the Delphi method: A foundational step in creating a clinical support system. Health Information Management. 2023 Aug 31 doi: 10.1177/18333583231188396.

There are also a couple of plans underway for Lymbase to be the data collection tool for a comparative effectiveness project and an investigation of prevalence. The evaluation of Lymbase in the public system is also progressing well with early analysis of phase 1 (the clinician and patient experience in Sydney Local Health District) almost complete, and phase 2 beginning at Liverpool and Royal North Shore Hospitals. Watch this space. There has been a lot of learnings that are already being incorporated into the platform.

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