Haddenham is invested

We are so very excited to announce that Haddenham have agreed to partner with us in the development of the platform and the creation of the compression garment search. Not only are they generously supporting the cost of development and securities, but they are also offering their many years of experience in customer support and compression garment prescription to help guide the creation of the garment search. Haddenham feels like a good fit for us (pun intended). We are lucky to be able to partner with such a great team of people.

Together, we will be releasing Lymbase on the world (Australia at least) at the Australasian Lymphology Association on the Gold Coast in May. You will be able to catch us at the Haddenham stand or perhaps come to our workshop on the Sunday. Meanwhile, we have some brave souls trialling the earliest versions of the lower limb platform, troubleshooting, and giving us their thoughts on how the platform is working for them.  All vital steps in getting the platform ready for you.

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