While attending a networking event at a national start-up incubator, Cicada Innovations, I left with more than a cold piece of pizza. That evening one of the speakers suggested an effective start-up team requires a hipster (the ideas ‘man’), a hustler (the business acumen) and a hacker (developer). During question time I tentatively asked a question that had been weighing on me, “If I’m a hipster how do I find my hustler or hacker (or vice versa)?”

Their answer… “Serendipity”.

Serendipitously, my hustler, Mythili, was seated beside me at the time. Our hacker came later, a story for another day. Mythili is, however, highly skilled and experienced in hacker wrangling, (and hipster wrangling come to think of it). We hit it off after the event. She went on to became co-founder of Lymbase and we have been working together since.

Mythili brings a wealth of experience in bringing digital products to the market and managing tech teams. She has spent over 20 years as Head of Innovations for one of Australia’s largest data analytics firms, Altis. Oh, and did I mention that she is an awesome human being with a passion for social justice?

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